JIM is a job board for Greater Manchester.  Our goal is to make jobs more visible to the people of the local area.

We post jobs from our partners daily and anyone can post. We aim to post for roles that are in and around the Greater Manchester area and remote positions too.  Contact us at theteam@jobsinmcr.co.uk if you have any queries to do with a role you would like to post.

You can buy job tokens through our Pricing page, either individually or multiple for a discounted price.

Job Tokens have a 1 to 1 value with posting a job. We use a token-based system as a simple method of payment that is tracked by us internally. This method makes JIM simple to use.

We will track your Job Tokens internally. You will be informed of the number of tokens you have when we invoice you upon purchase, in a conformation email after a job or a batch of jobs has been posted and you can email us directly at theteam@jobsinmcr.co.uk and we can let you know your Job Token count.

Upon filling out the form on our Pricing page we will invoice you with the given details. Once the invoice is paid you will receive confirmation of your tokens and the ability to post job roles.

Once you have paid for job tokens you can fill out our Post A Job form. We will match your details through the required name fields with that of the name of the token purchaser.

Job posts will be reviewed in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and will be posted within 48 hours between Monday to Friday.

Alongside a dedicated post on our job board, each listing will be promoted across our social platforms. This promotion entails but is not limited to engaging on social post to increase the reach using the organisations extensive network.

JIM - Jobs in Manchester
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