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Congratulations on surviving university, now comes the hard part for most. Landing your first job straight out of university can be a challenge, trust us we know, plenty of the JIM team have been in the same situation.

It can be exciting at first (and sometimes daunting) to find your dream graduate job. But fear not, here at JIM – Jobs in Manchester, we’re here to help you navigate the challenge of finding the right graduate jobs in Manchester.

Why Choose Manchester as a Graduate?

Manchester’s booming, and continuing to grow across most industries, its digital scene is a major draw for graduates. From established tech giants to innovative startups, the city offers a diverse range of opportunities no matter the industry. There’s something for everyone, plus, Manchester boasts a vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife, and a friendly atmosphere, making it a fantastic place to launch your career. But we are sure most graduates looking to work here went to one of our city’s great Universities.

Live Graduate Jobs on JIM – Jobs in Manchester

For those looking to get straight to what live job graduate opportunities we have in Manchester, you can find them below.

Tips for Landing a Job as a Graduate

Target Your Search

Research the companies that interest you and tailor your applications to their specific needs and culture. Utilise job boards like JIM that specialise in jobs in Manchester.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Graduate schemes tend to prioritise relevant skills alongside your degree. Hone what you do with online courses or attend workshops as we know landing your first job can take time and many graduates can get rusty by the time they land their first degree-related position.

Network Like a Pro

Connect with professionals on LinkedIn, attend industry events, and reach out to alumni for advice. You’d be surprised at what building a network can do and the opportunities it can open.

Craft a CV & Cover Letter to be Proud of

Showcase your achievements, your work, and transferable skills. Keep your CV short, sweet and action oriented. Tailor your cover letter to each specific role (no getting lazy), highlighting your passion for the company and the position.

Practice Makes Perfect

Prepare for interviews by researching common graduate interview questions and practising your responses. Mock interviews with friends or career advisors can boost your confidence.

Job Boards for Manchester Graduates


Whether you are a student just starting university or a recent graduate, Milkround will help you make study decisions, guide you through university life, narrow your job search, apply for jobs and ensure you make the best possible start to your career.’ – Link Here

Bright Network

‘Set up in 2013 with a simple mission, Bright Network connects the next generation with the opportunities, insights and advice to succeed as the workforce of tomorrow.’ – Link Here

GraduateJobs – ‘The concept is simple, to deliver to graduates the best selection of graduate jobs on the Internet.’ – Link Here

JIM – Jobs in Manchester

We don’t specialise in Graduate jobs on JIM – Jobs in Manchester, but we are making it one of our initiatives to post graduate jobs as much as we can and to work with the local universities. – Link Here

Bonus Tip – LinkedIn is a great resource for finding jobs and can allow you to reach out the companies and their employees directly to give you an edge.

Manchester Universities Career Portals for Graduate Opportunities

Manchester boasts a great selection of universities, each with dedicated career services and job boards to support their graduates. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top universities and their resources:

The University of Manchester

UoM’s Careers Service provides personalised advice, workshops, and access to their exclusive job board, CareersConnect. This platform offers a wide range of graduate roles across various sectors, all targeted specifically for Manchester graduates. – Link Here

Manchester Metropolitan University

MMU’s CareerHub Service offers support with CV writing, interview skills, and access to their Graduate Jobs Board. Here, you’ll find opportunities tailored to Manchester Met graduates, encompassing a diverse range of industries. – Link Here

University of Salford

Salford Uni’s Advantage Careers Service provides employability workshops, one-on-one guidance, and access to their Salford Connect platform. This platform connects graduates with employers specifically seeking Salford graduates, giving you a competitive edge. – Link Here

Pro-Tip – Don’t limit yourself to your university’s job board. Explore the resources offered by other Manchester universities – you might discover the perfect opportunity waiting just beyond your campus walls.

Finding the perfect graduate job for you takes time and effort. Stay positive, network actively, and utilize the resources available to you. With dedication and the right approach, you’ll land your dream role and kickstart a successful career in Manchester.

Now get out there and conquer that job hunt, Manchester grads!

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