JIM’s success in 2023 and growth in 2024

What is JIM – Jobs in Manchester?

JIM is a dedicated online jobs board that promotes Greater Manchester based jobs locally. We are purely promotional. JIM isn’t a recruitment platform, we take no details from applicants, and aim to provide an easy to use service for both applicants and employers as an alternative to other online job boards.

JIM – Jobs in Manchester in 2023

Relaunching JIM – Jobs in Manchester

In late April 2023 we relaunched JIM, reviving a brand and web presence that had sat empty for a few years. The aim of JIM has always been the same, but we thought that there isn’t a better time and need for JIM post Covid. With more and more people looking for work and the economy picking up with supposedly more jobs than ever, JIM had a purpose, to help communities across Greater Manchester.

Launching the New Website and Starting Over

JIM was originally a sub domain and a heavily tied to MBH – Manchester’s B2B Business Hub and practically apart of the MBH website. We separated JIM from MBH and launched with a new website in August. Giving JIM a well needed facelift and us far more capabilities than JIM ever had before. sacrificed a lot of JIM’s historic authority to start fresh with a new website and domain.

JIM's Growth in 2023

Here are some of the highlights of JIM in 2023

  • 462 jobs have been posted on JIM between June and the end of 2023
  • Over 1000 application clicks have happened on JIM in 2023
  • Over 700 people found us through our jobs pulled and promoted by Google in 2023
  • JIM had over 3000 visitors in 2023
  • JIMs social following grew by over 40%

Above shows our Search Console statistics for Q3 and Q4 of 2023:

  • The Total number of clicks is 2.1K
  • Total impressions 43.9k

JIM – Jobs in Manchester in 2024

2023 was a big year for JIM but we are starting 2024 stronger than we have ever been. The growth so far this year is showing us JIM’s true potential.

So far this year we have seen:

  • Over 1100 visitors in January alone, over 1 third of 2023s yearly traffic
  • Over 250 application clicks so far, around a quarter of last year’s total
  • Over 200 people have found JIM through our jobs pulled and promoted by Google in January alone

JIM's aims for 2024

Dec 23 to Jan 24

Above shows our Search Console statistics for both December 2023 and January 2024, showing our accelerated growth in the new year.

Throughout 2023 we were growing slowly but steadily in nearly all aspects of JIM but the pace has accelerated since the new year. We are looking to grow bigger, work with new employers, expand on JIM’s uses such as our Events Calendar, and provide a helpful service to applicants and employers alike across Greater Manchester and beyond.

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JIM - Jobs in Manchester
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