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Manchester City Centre Jobs

Manchester, ‘this is the place’, the industrial heart of the north of England. Our city was named one of the best places to visit in 2024 by The New York Times, coming in at number 12. Referred to as a ‘music-mad city’ but this isn’t all Manchester has to offer. Manchester is a vibrant hub for businesses across multiple industries, with growing investments in hospitality and the sciences to name a few.

At JIM we believe that Manchester has some of the greatest job opportunities in the UK, and it is our job to promote these opportunities to people across Greater Manchester and beyond. Our city offers so much that benefits the people living and working here, our council has invested what it can in the Metrolink and more recently the Bee Network, ever-expanding and improving our city’s public transport network and ease of access to the city centre.

Our Live Jobs in Manchester City Centre

For those looking to get straight to what live job opportunities we have in the city centre of Manchester, you can find them below.

Manchester’s Industrial History

Manchester has a wealth of opportunities on offer with continuous growth across most sectors in the city centre. Historically Manchester’s roots were built upon the Industrial Revolution where the city grew off the back of the mechanised production process of the cotton trade.

In the modern day, Manchester has diversified but it is still an industrial powerhouse in the UK. Manchester has been at the forefront of many things throughout history and is seen as a leading city of innovation in both the Science and Tech industries. Believe it or not, Manchester is the birthplace of the passenger railway, atomic theory, competitive football (not that surprising), and the first programmable computer, to name a few.

As Manchester has grown and modernised so have the industries. Manchester isn’t just seen as an industrial powerhouse but also a cultural hub for the north of England, we are the birthplace of world-class musicians and artists. Our culture has affected so many around the world and plays a massive part in our city’s hospitality industry, this can be seen most recently with Chanel’s 2023/24 Métiers D’art Show held in the Northern Quarter in Manchester City Centre.

Chanel – “Manchester, one of the most effervescent cities of pop culture and an avant-garde one, whose bands, spanning all genres, have changed the history of music.”

Industries in Manchester City Centre

Financial Services

Manchester is a major hub for finance in the UK, with a significant presence of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Manchester is home to the largest regional financial, professional, and business services (FPBS) industry outside of London, employing more than 280,000 people. Many financial institutions have a ‘Back Office’ presence in the city as it is cheaper than London but with a just as if not more skilled workforce.

Spinningfields has become a hub for financial services in the city centre and hosts businesses like Barclays and BNY Mellon (Bank of New York). You can find their career pages linked in the previous sentence.

You can find links below to more financial job boards.

Creative and Digital Industries

The city has a thriving creative scene, with a concentration of firms in media, advertising, design, and technology. With hubs like MediaCityUK in Salford Quays and The Sharp Project surrounding the city centre, they are prime examples, attracting businesses from animation, television, Digital Marketing, IT Support, and cybersecurity. Manchester is recognised as one of Europe’s largest creative, digital and technology clusters and is home to a fast-growing £5 billion digital ecosystem.

BBC Jobs MediaCityUK

The BBC operate out of MediaCityUK, only 10 minutes from the city centre via the Metrolink.  We promote many BBC jobs on JIM as they offer great opportunities at all levels in the region. You can find our live BBC jobs below or view our BBC apprenticeships blog here.

You can find links below to more creative job boards.

Legal and Business Services

Manchester is a centre for professional services, with a strong presence of law firms, accounting firms, consultancies, and other businesses that support the city’s economy. Manchester is England’s second biggest legal market after London and similarly to the financial sector Manchester has a lot of ‘Back Office’ locations for businesses based in the capital.

As home to more UK Top 100 law firms than any other UK city outside of London (36), Manchester has no shortage of job opportunities in the sector. If we don’t currently have any positions live on JIM we recommend Looking here for job opportunities in the legal sector.

You can find links below to more legal job boards.


Though Manchester’s industrial past has transformed, advanced manufacturing remains a key contributor to the city’s economy. This sector encompasses a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Manchester is at the heart of the UK’s largest manufacturing and advanced engineering cluster.

The manufacturing industry is scattered across Greater Manchester with some of the largest being Siemens (Careers Page), Kellogg’s (Kellanova) (Careers Page), and Heinz (Careers Page).

If you are looking for Manufacturing Jobs or Manufacturing businesses in Manchester we recommend starting here if we have no live positions on JIM.

You can find links below to more manufacturing job boards.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Manchester is a hub for medical research and innovation, with a concentration of hospitals, universities, and research institutions. The city is also home to a growing number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

The Oxford Road Corridor is home to one of the largest clinical academic campuses in Europe, attracting clinicians, students, and researchers from around the world. Made up of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, City Labs, and the Manchester Science Park, the Oxford Road Corridor encompasses both Manchester Metropolitan University (careers link) and the University of Manchester (careers link) campuses right in the centre of Manchester.

NHS Jobs in Manchester

We promote the various NHS foundations that operate in Greater Manchester, and you can find the live NHS jobs below.

If we don’t happen to have any live positions that interest you, you can find direct links to the career pages for the various foundations below:

You can find links below to more healthcare job boards.

Retail and eCommerce

Manchester boasts a vibrant retail sector, with a mix of high-street stores, independent shops, and shopping centres both within the city centre such as the Arndale (careers page) or the Trafford Centre (careers page) which is less than 30 minutes away by tram.

It’s hard to gauge how Covid affected the retail industry in Manchester as some businesses have flourished yet we can see the negative changes on the high street, yet still there is a need for retail workers in the centre of Manchester.

With Manchester being a leading digital hub it is no surprise that many retail businesses have pivoted to eCommerce, with new businesses skipping a storefront altogether. We have seen an increase in eCommerce jobs on JIM such as from Manchester United (careers page) and AO (careers page).

You can find links below to more retail job boards.

Hospitality and Tourism

As a major tourist destination, Manchester offers a wide range of opportunities in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. The most recent investment in the city is the new state-of-the-art Co-op Live (careers page) music venue that has brought lots of jobs and casual work to the region.

JIM has long-promoted jobs from Hilton Hotels (careers page) and TUI (careers page).

You can find links below to more retail job boards.


Manchester is home to several prestigious universities, as well as a large number of colleges and schools. The education sector is a significant employer in the city. JIM has long-promoted jobs from the University of Manchester (careers page) and has recently been promoting graduate opportunities from Prospero Teaching.

You can find links below to more education job boards.

Why Work in Manchester

Manchester is a fantastic place to live and work, brimming with opportunities across a range of industries. From its historical roots in the Industrial Revolution to its modern-day reputation as a hub for innovation in science and technology, Manchester has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re interested in finance, creative and digital industries, legal and business services, or something entirely different, you’re sure to find a fulfilling career in Manchester.

The city is also a vibrant cultural hub, with a thriving music scene, world-class museums and art galleries, and a growing reputation for sustainability. With its excellent transport links and commitment to green initiatives, Manchester City Centre is a truly forward-thinking and exciting place to be.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge and a great place to work, look no further. Manchester has a wealth of opportunities and undeniable charm and is sure to win you over.

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