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Manchester Based Graduate Jobs

Congratulations on surviving university, now comes the hard part for most. Landing your first job straight out of university can be a challenge, trust us we know, plenty of the JIM team have been in the same situation.

It can be exciting at first (and sometimes daunting) to find your dream graduate job. But fear not, here at JIM – Jobs in Manchester, we’re here to help you navigate the challenge of finding the right graduate jobs in Manchester.

Why Choose Manchester as a Graduate?

Manchester’s booming, and continuing to grow across most industries, its digital scene is a major draw for graduates. From established tech giants to innovative startups, the city offers a diverse range of opportunities no matter the industry. There’s something for everyone, plus, Manchester boasts a vibrant culture, buzzing nightlife, and a friendly atmosphere, making it a fantastic place to launch your career. But we are sure most graduates looking to work here went to one of our city’s great Universities.

Live Graduate Jobs on JIM – Jobs in Manchester

For those looking to get straight to what live job graduate opportunities we have in Manchester, you can find them below.

Tips for Landing a Job as a Graduate

Target Your Search

Research the companies that interest you and tailor your applications to their specific needs and culture. Utilise job boards like JIM that specialise in jobs in Manchester.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Graduate schemes tend to prioritise relevant skills alongside your degree. Hone what you do with online courses or attend workshops as we know landing your first job can take time and many graduates can get rusty by the time they land their first degree-related position.

Network Like a Pro

Connect with professionals on LinkedIn, attend industry events, and reach out to alumni for advice. You’d be surprised at what building a network can do and the opportunities it can open.

Craft a CV & Cover Letter to be Proud of

Showcase your achievements, your work, and transferable skills. Keep your CV short, sweet and action oriented. Tailor your cover letter to each specific role (no getting lazy), highlighting your passion for the company and the position.

Practice Makes Perfect

Prepare for interviews by researching common graduate interview questions and practising your responses. Mock interviews with friends or career advisors can boost your confidence.

Job Boards for Manchester Graduates


Whether you are a student just starting university or a recent graduate, Milkround will help you make study decisions, guide you through university life, narrow your job search, apply for jobs and ensure you make the best possible start to your career.’ – Link Here

Bright Network

‘Set up in 2013 with a simple mission, Bright Network connects the next generation with the opportunities, insights and advice to succeed as the workforce of tomorrow.’ – Link Here

GraduateJobs – ‘The concept is simple, to deliver to graduates the best selection of graduate jobs on the Internet.’ – Link Here

JIM – Jobs in Manchester

We don’t specialise in Graduate jobs on JIM – Jobs in Manchester, but we are making it one of our initiatives to post graduate jobs as much as we can and to work with the local universities. – Link Here

Bonus Tip – LinkedIn is a great resource for finding jobs and can allow you to reach out the companies and their employees directly to give you an edge.

Manchester Universities Career Portals for Graduate Opportunities

Manchester boasts a great selection of universities, each with dedicated career services and job boards to support their graduates. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top universities and their resources:

The University of Manchester

UoM’s Careers Service provides personalised advice, workshops, and access to their exclusive job board, CareersConnect. This platform offers a wide range of graduate roles across various sectors, all targeted specifically for Manchester graduates. – Link Here

Manchester Metropolitan University

MMU’s CareerHub Service offers support with CV writing, interview skills, and access to their Graduate Jobs Board. Here, you’ll find opportunities tailored to Manchester Met graduates, encompassing a diverse range of industries. – Link Here

University of Salford

Salford Uni’s Advantage Careers Service provides employability workshops, one-on-one guidance, and access to their Salford Connect platform. This platform connects graduates with employers specifically seeking Salford graduates, giving you a competitive edge. – Link Here

Pro-Tip – Don’t limit yourself to your university’s job board. Explore the resources offered by other Manchester universities – you might discover the perfect opportunity waiting just beyond your campus walls.

Finding the perfect graduate job for you takes time and effort. Stay positive, network actively, and utilize the resources available to you. With dedication and the right approach, you’ll land your dream role and kickstart a successful career in Manchester.

Now get out there and conquer that job hunt, Manchester grads!

Jobs in Manchester City Centre

JIM Manchester City Centre Blog Featured Image

Manchester City Centre Jobs

Manchester, ‘this is the place’, the industrial heart of the north of England. Our city was named one of the best places to visit in 2024 by The New York Times, coming in at number 12. Referred to as a ‘music-mad city’ but this isn’t all Manchester has to offer. Manchester is a vibrant hub for businesses across multiple industries, with growing investments in hospitality and the sciences to name a few.

At JIM we believe that Manchester has some of the greatest job opportunities in the UK, and it is our job to promote these opportunities to people across Greater Manchester and beyond. Our city offers so much that benefits the people living and working here, our council has invested what it can in the Metrolink and more recently the Bee Network, ever-expanding and improving our city’s public transport network and ease of access to the city centre.

Our Live Jobs in Manchester City Centre

For those looking to get straight to what live job opportunities we have in the city centre of Manchester, you can find them below.

Manchester’s Industrial History

Manchester has a wealth of opportunities on offer with continuous growth across most sectors in the city centre. Historically Manchester’s roots were built upon the Industrial Revolution where the city grew off the back of the mechanised production process of the cotton trade.

In the modern day, Manchester has diversified but it is still an industrial powerhouse in the UK. Manchester has been at the forefront of many things throughout history and is seen as a leading city of innovation in both the Science and Tech industries. Believe it or not, Manchester is the birthplace of the passenger railway, atomic theory, competitive football (not that surprising), and the first programmable computer, to name a few.

As Manchester has grown and modernised so have the industries. Manchester isn’t just seen as an industrial powerhouse but also a cultural hub for the north of England, we are the birthplace of world-class musicians and artists. Our culture has affected so many around the world and plays a massive part in our city’s hospitality industry, this can be seen most recently with Chanel’s 2023/24 Métiers D’art Show held in the Northern Quarter in Manchester City Centre.

Chanel – “Manchester, one of the most effervescent cities of pop culture and an avant-garde one, whose bands, spanning all genres, have changed the history of music.”

Industries in Manchester City Centre

Financial Services

Manchester is a major hub for finance in the UK, with a significant presence of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Manchester is home to the largest regional financial, professional, and business services (FPBS) industry outside of London, employing more than 280,000 people. Many financial institutions have a ‘Back Office’ presence in the city as it is cheaper than London but with a just as if not more skilled workforce.

Spinningfields has become a hub for financial services in the city centre and hosts businesses like Barclays and BNY Mellon (Bank of New York). You can find their career pages linked in the previous sentence.

You can find links below to more financial job boards.

Creative and Digital Industries

The city has a thriving creative scene, with a concentration of firms in media, advertising, design, and technology. With hubs like MediaCityUK in Salford Quays and The Sharp Project surrounding the city centre, they are prime examples, attracting businesses from animation, television, Digital Marketing, IT Support, and cybersecurity. Manchester is recognised as one of Europe’s largest creative, digital and technology clusters and is home to a fast-growing £5 billion digital ecosystem.

BBC Jobs MediaCityUK

The BBC operate out of MediaCityUK, only 10 minutes from the city centre via the Metrolink.  We promote many BBC jobs on JIM as they offer great opportunities at all levels in the region. You can find our live BBC jobs below or view our BBC apprenticeships blog here.

You can find links below to more creative job boards.

Legal and Business Services

Manchester is a centre for professional services, with a strong presence of law firms, accounting firms, consultancies, and other businesses that support the city’s economy. Manchester is England’s second biggest legal market after London and similarly to the financial sector Manchester has a lot of ‘Back Office’ locations for businesses based in the capital.

As home to more UK Top 100 law firms than any other UK city outside of London (36), Manchester has no shortage of job opportunities in the sector. If we don’t currently have any positions live on JIM we recommend Looking here for job opportunities in the legal sector.

You can find links below to more legal job boards.


Though Manchester’s industrial past has transformed, advanced manufacturing remains a key contributor to the city’s economy. This sector encompasses a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Manchester is at the heart of the UK’s largest manufacturing and advanced engineering cluster.

The manufacturing industry is scattered across Greater Manchester with some of the largest being Siemens (Careers Page), Kellogg’s (Kellanova) (Careers Page), and Heinz (Careers Page).

If you are looking for Manufacturing Jobs or Manufacturing businesses in Manchester we recommend starting here if we have no live positions on JIM.

You can find links below to more manufacturing job boards.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Manchester is a hub for medical research and innovation, with a concentration of hospitals, universities, and research institutions. The city is also home to a growing number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

The Oxford Road Corridor is home to one of the largest clinical academic campuses in Europe, attracting clinicians, students, and researchers from around the world. Made up of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, City Labs, and the Manchester Science Park, the Oxford Road Corridor encompasses both Manchester Metropolitan University (careers link) and the University of Manchester (careers link) campuses right in the centre of Manchester.

NHS Jobs in Manchester

We promote the various NHS foundations that operate in Greater Manchester, and you can find the live NHS jobs below.

If we don’t happen to have any live positions that interest you, you can find direct links to the career pages for the various foundations below:

You can find links below to more healthcare job boards.

Retail and eCommerce

Manchester boasts a vibrant retail sector, with a mix of high-street stores, independent shops, and shopping centres both within the city centre such as the Arndale (careers page) or the Trafford Centre (careers page) which is less than 30 minutes away by tram.

It’s hard to gauge how Covid affected the retail industry in Manchester as some businesses have flourished yet we can see the negative changes on the high street, yet still there is a need for retail workers in the centre of Manchester.

With Manchester being a leading digital hub it is no surprise that many retail businesses have pivoted to eCommerce, with new businesses skipping a storefront altogether. We have seen an increase in eCommerce jobs on JIM such as from Manchester United (careers page) and AO (careers page).

You can find links below to more retail job boards.

Hospitality and Tourism

As a major tourist destination, Manchester offers a wide range of opportunities in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. The most recent investment in the city is the new state-of-the-art Co-op Live (careers page) music venue that has brought lots of jobs and casual work to the region.

JIM has long-promoted jobs from Hilton Hotels (careers page) and TUI (careers page).

You can find links below to more retail job boards.


Manchester is home to several prestigious universities, as well as a large number of colleges and schools. The education sector is a significant employer in the city. JIM has long-promoted jobs from the University of Manchester (careers page) and has recently been promoting graduate opportunities from Prospero Teaching.

You can find links below to more education job boards.

Why Work in Manchester

Manchester is a fantastic place to live and work, brimming with opportunities across a range of industries. From its historical roots in the Industrial Revolution to its modern-day reputation as a hub for innovation in science and technology, Manchester has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re interested in finance, creative and digital industries, legal and business services, or something entirely different, you’re sure to find a fulfilling career in Manchester.

The city is also a vibrant cultural hub, with a thriving music scene, world-class museums and art galleries, and a growing reputation for sustainability. With its excellent transport links and commitment to green initiatives, Manchester City Centre is a truly forward-thinking and exciting place to be.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge and a great place to work, look no further. Manchester has a wealth of opportunities and undeniable charm and is sure to win you over.

How to Structure Job Listings: A Guide for Employers

How to structure job lisitngs blog post

How to Write a Job Listing, Why Listen to JIM – Jobs in Manchester

As an online jobs board, JIM – Jobs in Manchester, we see countless job listings daily. Our focus it to promote these listing and one of the simplest ways to boost and promote a job listing on the internet is to get the listing in good enough shape to be pulled and promoted by Google.

Getting a listing noticed by Google can be easy, but to make a job listing stand out in the vast sea of other competing opportunities takes some more work; planning for this from the start can help employers who are hiring with better converting listings and in turn a cheaper hiring experience. 

How to Get Google to Notice Job Listings

Google’s algorithm is complex, but the JIM team is here to help by breaking down the information that is useful to employers when it comes to structuring a Job listing. Below we will cover structuring the best ways to order information in a job listing, critical information that is required by Google for listings, and general tips on how to improve your listings that aren’t necessarily critical but can make or break a job post.  

But before we move on let’s just give a quick overview of the Google algorithm for the uninformed, and why you should care about it… 

Understanding Google’s Algorithm, SEO, and Why it Matters

The algorithm determines the ranking of web pages in search results. These pages can be categorised and in our case as job listing but other examples are articles, events, and products. Google uses and shows these categories in different ways, when searching for jobs on Google above the usual search results you may see a box featuring jobs relevant to the search term as shown in the accompanying image. This is where you want your jobs to be listed. 

The exact workings of the algorithm are a secret, but we do know that factors such as relevance, quality, and user experience play a significant role in determining search ranking. By structuring your job listings effectively, you can improve their chances of appearing in Google Jobs results, making them more visible to potential candidates.  

At JIM, we use schema markup to assure listing on our site have the correct structured data for Google’s algorithm to get listings ranked faster. This ‘search engine optimisation’ takes information such as the job location, salary, company information and more to determine the ranking of our listings.  

Screenshot 2024 03 15 at 03.46.16

The Key Elements of a Well-Structured Job Listing

This section is in the order of what we see as a well performing job listing. Some of this you may find odd but most employers job listing don’t take SEO into account.  

The Job Title, Naming Conventions

Your job title is your primary key word, it is what a potential applicant will most likely type into their browser, or at least some portion of the job title. Be mindful not give your job roles unnecessary names or titles that applicant won’t understand, or that isn’t search friendly, and be cautious with abbreviations. Beverage Dissemination Officer sound fancy but Bartender will outperform it every day of the week.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this as some specialist roles may require specialist titles that applicants looking to fill those roles will be aware of, such as in the Healthcare and Science sectors.

The next and true job title sin that is looked poorly upon by Google is cramming in information and incentives into job titles such as “cash in hand” and “sign on bonus”. This ‘clickbait’ treatment is frowned upon by both Google and most jobs boards; Google tends to penalise them, so you mainly see this tactic on social media or job boards that either don’t care for the behaviour or are too large to moderate the listings. Don’t be these people, it isn’t a good look.

The acceptable additions to job titles, that will benefit your listing are:  

  • Who the position is aimed at such as Graduate, Entry Level, can help listing performance if stated in the title. 
  • If the position is an Apprenticeship or Internship, you should state it in the job title. 
  • If the role is part time of full time, it should also be found in the job description, and if the listing is set up appropriately in the ‘structured data’ for Google’s search algorithm. 

The Job Description

You may find this odd as most employers talk about their organisation first in job listings. For most applicants your organisation is secondary, and to keep them engaged the job description should come first. Your job description should be clear, concise, and provide all the necessary details about the role, including responsibilities, qualifications, and any specific requirements.

We will be diving into SEO (search engine optimisation) and how important keywords are in your job listing but remember in addition to SEO, it’s important to write job descriptions that are compelling to potential candidates. Some employers attempt to convey the companies’ culture through the way they write, either by tone of voice, using colloquial and informal language. It doesn’t work for every business as it may not match or be appropriate for your businesses industry or culture.  

Keywords and Search Terms in Your Job Description

The job description is the meat of your listing and allows you to mention the job title and other role related keywords such as the industry, skills, responsibilities, and other search terms a candidate could possibly search for to find your job listing. These keywords should be incorporated naturally, but if you are having a hard time trying to include them use bullet points, as an easy win to get in keywords in a way that makes the content easier to digest for applicants.  

An example for our Bartender position mentioned earlier. 

What is required of the role: 

  • Deliver exceptional guest service in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Extensive knowledge of craft cocktails and spirits. 
  • Experience creating high-quality coffee drinks (a plus). 
  • Maintain accurate bar inventory and ensure proper stock levels. 
  • Proficient in using POS systems (point-of-sale systems). 
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively. 
  • Experience handling cash transactions. 

Location and Salary, Critical Information

By far the most important information for job listings, the location of your business or where the applicant will be working, and the salary are crucial in the ranking of job listing. Both are used in the pages ‘structured data’ and weigh heavily on the ranking of a job on Google. 

The Importance of Location Information in Job Listings

The location for job listings can be rather broad, the bare minimum requirement is a country. But if you do include more accurate information such as the business headquarters or the address the role is working out of it will allow Google to rank the listing higher for search users geographically.

For example, a job listing for a position based in Manchester City Centre will appear to be ranked higher for someone searching for a job whilst in the city centre closer to the location than further out in Greater Manchester. This doesn’t guaranty ranking higher than listing with better structured data and information. 

The Importance of Salary Information in Job Listings

Salary is always a big talking point when it comes to job listings. At JIM we believe a salary should always be present on job listings, it is just good practice. But we do understand the reluctancy in businesses and especially if the role is specialised or the range for experience can fluctuate vastly.

Either way the inclusion of a salary is a big help for getting a job listing promoted by Google, listings will usually rank above others without a salary increasing your chances of applicant’s exposure to your job.

Most applicants won’t give your listing the time of day if there isn’t a salary, and it can reflect poorly on employers, with applicants questioning the businesses culture before they have even looked at your job listing. Competitive isn’t valid in the salary structured data for job listings. 

If you can’t post a salary for your job listings it can be a lot harder to rank on Google, usually it requires having your job posted across various websites, social media, and jobs boards to give the listing legitimacy in Google’s eyes. 

About your Company, Benefits and Culture

Now is the time to sell yourself as an employer, if a potential applicant has got this far then it is time to reel them in. We’d recommend being concise and aim to give candidates insight into your company and its culture to help them decide if they’d be a good fit. Talk about the perks, benefits, and incentives you offer as the last push to get potential applicants to apply.

The Application Process and JIM – Jobs in Manchester

Your job listing is almost complete, and you sign off with instructions on how to apply and maybe some accompanying documents such as an in-depth job spec but what is the process after that? How do the applicants apply for your vacancy?

JIM – Jobs in Manchester is just a promotional tool, and we send applicants directly to the employer’s sites, application portal or link directly to an email address. We operate like this to make the application process as smooth as possible, no signup, no taking of applicant’s information. But after that it is out of our hands.

You could have the best job listing in the world but lose out on the majority of your applicants if you have cumbersome application portal, asking applicants to create accounts, sign up, and upload documents. We recommend evaluating your application process as you could be spending time and money and losing applicants at the final hurdle, make it clear and make it easy. 

Job Listings Best Practices to Get the Best Results

Keyword research   

As mentioned earlier with job titles, take the time to research relevant keywords and phrases related to your industry and the specific role you’re hiring for, and use them in your job listing. Remember what are your applicants searching for? This will improve your listings visibility on Google. 

Use Multiple Avenues to Promote Your Jobs 

Google can see your job listing posted across multiple sites and this can carry poor job listings as it is that powerful when it comes to ranking. And as much as we hate to say it as JIM is a jobs board, you should be posting your vacancies on multiple sites and platforms to get the best results and the most exposure. 

Employee Reviews and Your Companies Digital Footprint 

It might appear off topic, but your company has a digital footprint and both good and poor reviews of your company can make the difference to potential applicants. Workers are more inclined to review past employers and these reviews can either improve or worsen your company’s credibility and appeal. Interested applicant will check sites like Glassdoor and Indeed if they are seriously weighing up wanting to work for you. 

Keep your Job Listings Updated 

Sometimes the hiring process can be timely so keeping your job listings up to date with the latest information about the role and your company ensures that candidates have accurate information but also signals to Google that your listing is current and relevant.  

What we Have Learned as an Online Jobs Board

This blog is just a helpful tool for employers to make the most out of their money. Hiring is expensive and time consuming, but thinking about your job listing is the cheapest part and it can play the biggest role. Optimising your job listings for better visibility on Google is essential in today’s competitive job market.

We live in a world where the Internet and Google are at most people’s fingertips. By informing employers on how best to poise their job listings to perform well on these platforms aligns with JIM – Jobs in Manchester’s goals to connect the people of Greater Manchester to local employers. By following what we have outlined in this blog, you can improve your chances of attracting the right candidates.

Good luck with your recruitment efforts, and happy hiring! 

FAQ: How to Structure Job Listings: A Guide for Employers

Focus on clarity and conciseness in your job description, highlighting key responsibilities and qualifications. Make sure your job title is descriptive and relevant to attract the right candidates. 

Google is often the first place candidates turn to when searching for jobs. Optimising your listings can improve their visibility in search results, increasing your chances of attracting qualified applicants. 

Structuring your job listings effectively is key. Include important details such as location and salary, use relevant keywords, and ensure your listings are mobile-friendly for better search visibility. 

Location information helps Google rank your listings higher for users searching in specific geographic areas. Providing accurate location details can significantly improve your listing’s visibility. 

Yes, including salary information is highly recommended. Listings with salary information tend to rank higher in search results and attract more applicants. It also helps candidates determine if the role aligns with their expectations. 

Showcase your company culture, benefits, and perks to entice applicants. Ensure your application process is simple and straightforward to avoid losing potential candidates at the final hurdle. 

Conduct keyword research to identify relevant terms and phrases. Promote your listings across multiple platforms for maximum exposure. Encourage employee reviews to enhance your company’s credibility. 

Keeping your listings up-to-date signals to Google that your content is current and relevant, improving its chances of appearing in search results. It also ensures that candidates have accurate information about the role and your company.

JIM is dedicated to promoting and optimising job listings for employers in Manchester. We use structured data markup and SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your listings, connecting you with qualified candidates in the local area. 

Manchester Job Show, Trafford Centre – March 2024


What is the Manchester Job Show

The Manchester Job Show is one of the city largest careers fair in the region. The job show started in 2023 with 3 dates across the year and has historically been held at the Trafford Centre and is returning in March. Past events were held in ‘The Orient’, taking up large portions of the food hall with stalls for exhibitors, with talks on the large stage and areas around the exhibitors for on the day interviews.

The Manchester Job Show is run by JS Media who host job shows like these in London, Milton Keynes, and Bristol. You can find a link to all of their job shows and the 2024 show dates here

The Manchester Job Shows success

Last year we had the pleasure of attending the Manchester Job Show and we loved it. We had the opportunity to speak to a lot of applicants on the way to and at the event as well as having insightful talks with the exhibitors on how JIM – Jobs in Manchester can help their businesses when it comes to promoting Jobs in the Greater Manchester area.

Last year we saw a wide range of exhibitors from a variety of industries, and too our surprise the roles they were looking to fill had very lenient entry requirements as most roles provided training and plans for career progression. Many of the employers were looking for long term employees and would rather train staff internally than spend more money and time attempting to hire someone who already meets the requirement and or experience.

To read more about are experience with the Manchester Job Show, or see the list of exhibitors from last year, follow this link

Manchester Job Show Socials

Who is the Manchester Job Show for?

Manchester Job Show Applicants – Looking to Visit?

The job show is a free event for applicants, for anyone looking for a new job, training opportunity, or even an apprenticeship. This is a great opportunity to speak directly to employers and people of influence when it come to applying with these businesses. With direct access to hiring managers, applicants can pick their brains, make an impression and even interview on the day.

The Manchester Job Show advertises itself best: “you can meet a selection of the region’s best employers all in one visit. The event will be full with employers from a wide variety of industries. Thousands of jobs and courses will be available. Many employers will be interviewing candidates there and then. Some employers will be booking in candidates to interviews for the week after the event.”

So if you are looking for work you can get your free tickets through the links below.

Book for FREE through the Manchester Job Show website

Book for FREE through Eventbrite

Manchester Job Show Employers – Looking to Exhibit?

We encourage employers looking to grow and fill roles locally to exhibit or at least show interest in exhibiting. It is worth a shot and allows you as an employer face to face exposure with applicants. The recruitment and hiring process can be expensive and all of this expense is before meeting the applicants. What looks good on paper may not end up being a fit for your business.

Below we have a graphic from JS Media on the benefits of exhibiting at one of their shows.

The time and place

The Manchester Job Show is taking place on the 1st and 2nd of March (2024), next week!

It will be held in The Orient on the ground floor at The Trafford Centre and will be running between 11am and 5pm both days.

The Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, M17 8AA

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 10.06.07

You may not find a role from the exhibitors below that fits you but maybe there is something for you on our site, JIM – Jobs in Manchester. Check out what we have on offer using the links below. 

Manchester Job Show Exhibitors 2024

Website URL

Company Industry
Military & International Affairs

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Human Resources , Legal, Operations, Security

Website URL

Company Industry

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Apprenticeships, Education

Website URL

Company Industry
Non-profit Organizations

Departments Hiring For
Apprenticeships, Design, Graduate, IT, Marketing, Media & Communications, Social Media, Technology

Website URL

Company Industry
Health & Human Services, Nursing Homes & Residential Care Facilities

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Healthcare Services, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Maintenance, Support

Website URL

Company Industry
Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain & Storage

Departments Hiring For
Accounting, Business Development, Customer Service, Engineering, Finance, Graduate, Human Resources, Logistics, Operations, Production, Sales, Supply Chain

Website URL

Company Industry
Adult Social Care, Education, Mental Health Care

Departments Hiring For
Learning Support Workers, Residential Support Workers, SEN College Tutors, SEN School Teachers

Website URL

Company Industry
Travel Arrangements

Departments Hiring For
Customer Service, Engineering, Facilities, Finance, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Graduate, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Human Resources, IT, Kitchen & Food Production, Maintenance, Media & Communications, Merchandising, Operations, Retail, Sales, Technology

Website URL

Company Industry
Emergency & Relief Services

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Apprenticeships, Operations

Website URL

Company Industry
Education, Health & Human Services

Departments Hiring For

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Business Development

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Retail, Sales

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
7.5t Installer Trainee, C1 Driver Trainee

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Accounting, Administration, Apprenticeships, Business Support, Buying, Customer Service, Engineering, Facilities, Facility Management, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Logistics, Maintenance, Operations, Procurement, Product Management, Production, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain, Support, Technology, Warehouse

Website URL

Company Industry
Oil & Gas

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Business Development, Business Support, Engineering

Website URL

Company Industry
Mental Health Care

Departments Hiring For
Cleaners, Cooks (residential home), Nurses (RMNs), Senior Support Workers, Support Workers

Website URL

Company Industry
Hospitals & Health Care

Departments Hiring For
Accounting, Administration, Apprenticeships, Business Development, Business Support, Buying, Facilities, Facility Management, Finance, Front Office, Graduate, Healthcare Services, Housekeeping, Human Resources, IT, Logistics, Maintenance, Marketing, Media & Communications, Operations, Payroll, PR, Procurement, Project Management, Research

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Maintenance, Merchandising, Production, Retail, Support

Website URL

Company Industry
Food & Beverage Services

Departments Hiring For
Food & Beverage, Kitchen & Food Production

Website URL

Company Industry
Professional Services

Departments Hiring For

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Adult Social Care, Apprenticeships, Bus Drivers, Business Development, Call Center, Customer Service, Distribution, Education, Human Resources , Operations, Product Management, Retail, Sales, Supply & Logistics, Trainee Bus Drivers, Warehouse


Website URL

Company Industry
Armed Forces

Departments Hiring For
Accounting, Administration, Apprenticeships, Bus Drivers, Business Support, Diversity, Education, Engineering, Facility Management, Finance, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Graduate, Healthcare Services, Hospitality, Human Resources , IT, Kitchen & Food Production, Legal, Logistics, Maintenance, Media & Communications, Operations, Payroll, Procurement, Production, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Security, Supply Chain, Support, Technology, Trainee Bus Drivers, Warehouse

Website URL

Company Industry
Home Health Care Services

Departments Hiring For
Apprenticeships, Education, Healthcare Services

Website URL

Company Industry
Retail Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Rental

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Apprenticeships, Business Development, Customer Service, Operations, Retail

Website URL

Company Industry
Baked Goods Manufacturing, Manufacturing

Departments Hiring For

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Apprenticeships, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail

Website URL

Company Industry
Health & Human Services

Departments Hiring For
Healthcare Services

Company Industry
Airlines & Aviation

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Customer Service, Operations

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Administration, Facilities, Healthcare Services

Website URL

Company Industry

Departments Hiring For
Apprenticeships, Education

Website URL

Company Industry
Higher Education

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National Apprenticeship Week, Manchester Apprenticeships, and Intern Opportunities (2024)


As the National Apprenticeship Week has ended, we wanted to bring attention to the fact that apprenticeship opportunities don’t just come around during the week between the 5th and 11th of February. There is still plenty of apprenticeship opportunities in Manchester that are live right now.

What is National Apprenticeship Week?

National Apprenticeship Week aims to raise awareness of the many benefits apprenticeships can offer people looking to get into work, start a career and earn whilst learning on the job. Many people think apprenticeships are just for trade jobs but that isn’t true.

You can read more about National Apprenticeship Week here.

JIM – Jobs in Manchester and Apprenticeships

Here at JIM we are always looking to promote apprenticeships, when we get the opportunity to it is great. We have seen some great success with apprenticeships on JIM. Last year we posted most if not all of the BBC’s apprenticeship opportunities in Manchester for their summer 2024 vacancies.

Find our BBC Apprenticeship blog here.

We think apprenticeships are undervalued by many, the opportunity to learn on the job and earn whilst doing so can put you on a higher standing than others who are in the same job or field but for example chose university as a means of getting to the same destination. The practical, hands on approach of apprenticeships are also a better fit for people who may not want to, or can’t attend university.

An apprenticeship may be a way for someone to append university. Higher level apprenticeships will have companies invest in you and put you through university, sometimes you will also get hands on experience at the same time with your time split between the workplace and university.

Apprenticeship Levels Explained

We have promoted apprenticeships from Level 3 (college) to Level 6 (university/degree) on JIM, and we get a lot of questions as to what these levels mean. You can find a great one pager here from Amazing Apprenticeships here.

We will breakdown the apprenticeship levels below:

Considered to be the same level as five GCSE passes. Great for an entry level position.

Considered to be the same level as two or three A level passes.

Level 4 is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree, or a Higher National Certificate (HNC).

Level 5 is equivalent to a foundation degree, or a Higher National Diploma (HND).

For more information go here

Enables you to gain a full undergraduate or master’s degree while you work. Degree apprenticeships take three to six years to complete, depending on the course level.

For more information go here

AutoTrader Apprenticeships 2024

Currently as of this blog being posted (February 2024) we have a selection of apprenticeships from AutoTrader that are quite popular. They are offering a diverse selection of roles spanning multiple levels. If you want to read about someone’s experience with an AutoTrader apprenticeship, go here.

These positions may not be available at the point of you seeing this blog but these are the apprenticeship positions AutoTrader have available as of the posting of this blog:

See our Live Apprenticeships in Manchester Below

Where to Find Apprenticeships in Manchester

If we don’t have any live apprenticeships or there aren’t any that you are looking for please try these links below find more apprenticeship opportunities:


adidas Internships 2024

This took us at JIM by a bit of a surprise but we are promoting a range of internships from adidas. A great opportunity for anyone looking for a way into the company or looking for paid work experience whilst still in college in the Stockport area.

Read about adidas and there intern program here.

These positions may not be available at the point of you seeing this blog but these are the internship positions adidas have available as of the posting of this blog:

Whats the Difference Between an Apprenticeship and a Internship?

Internships are usually short term work experience, not always paid (but they now have to be in the UK) and generally entry level positions with little structure just on the job experience. Apprenticeships are more structured, paid work and involve working towards a qualification whilst studying and working simultaneously.

For more information on the topic go here.

See our Live Internship opportunities in Manchester Below

JIM’s success in 2023 and growth in 2024

JIM 1000 Application Clicks

What is JIM – Jobs in Manchester?

JIM is a dedicated online jobs board that promotes Greater Manchester based jobs locally. We are purely promotional. JIM isn’t a recruitment platform, we take no details from applicants, and aim to provide an easy to use service for both applicants and employers as an alternative to other online job boards.

JIM – Jobs in Manchester in 2023

Relaunching JIM – Jobs in Manchester

In late April 2023 we relaunched JIM, reviving a brand and web presence that had sat empty for a few years. The aim of JIM has always been the same, but we thought that there isn’t a better time and need for JIM post Covid. With more and more people looking for work and the economy picking up with supposedly more jobs than ever, JIM had a purpose, to help communities across Greater Manchester.

Launching the New Website and Starting Over

JIM was originally a sub domain and a heavily tied to MBH – Manchester’s B2B Business Hub and practically apart of the MBH website. We separated JIM from MBH and launched with a new website in August. Giving JIM a well needed facelift and us far more capabilities than JIM ever had before. sacrificed a lot of JIM’s historic authority to start fresh with a new website and domain.

JIM's Growth in 2023

Here are some of the highlights of JIM in 2023

  • 462 jobs have been posted on JIM between June and the end of 2023
  • Over 1000 application clicks have happened on JIM in 2023
  • Over 700 people found us through our jobs pulled and promoted by Google in 2023
  • JIM had over 3000 visitors in 2023
  • JIMs social following grew by over 40%

Above shows our Search Console statistics for Q3 and Q4 of 2023:

  • The Total number of clicks is 2.1K
  • Total impressions 43.9k

JIM – Jobs in Manchester in 2024

2023 was a big year for JIM but we are starting 2024 stronger than we have ever been. The growth so far this year is showing us JIM’s true potential.

So far this year we have seen:

  • Over 1100 visitors in January alone, over 1 third of 2023s yearly traffic
  • Over 250 application clicks so far, around a quarter of last year’s total
  • Over 200 people have found JIM through our jobs pulled and promoted by Google in January alone

JIM's aims for 2024

Dec 23 to Jan 24

Above shows our Search Console statistics for both December 2023 and January 2024, showing our accelerated growth in the new year.

Throughout 2023 we were growing slowly but steadily in nearly all aspects of JIM but the pace has accelerated since the new year. We are looking to grow bigger, work with new employers, expand on JIM’s uses such as our Events Calendar, and provide a helpful service to applicants and employers alike across Greater Manchester and beyond.

North West Expo: Our First Expo and promoting JIM – Jobs in Manchester as an Exhibitor

North West Expo

The North West Expo – Etihad Stadium – November 23rd

“Increase your reach and raise market awareness: Harness the power of physical networking at The North West Expo Manchester”

The Expo looked like a great opportunity to gain some awareness with employers, to talk to local businesses and gain some insight into the current market of hiring as an employer Greater Manchester. We were happy to exhibit alongside MBH – Manchester’s B2B Business Hub and hold a joint giveaway of a free job listing and a LinkedIn for Business workshop. 

The venue was great and some of our colleagues enjoyed the networking activities and workshops included with being an exhibitor that ran throughout the day. 

MicrosoftTeams image 60
MicrosoftTeams image 58

Maximising our Presence at the Expo

We came ready with our banner and leaflets aimed at employers and we reached our aim to have a conversation with at least every other exhibitor whose business could require JIM’s services either now or in the future. Similarly we spoke to various networking associations, business trainers and even the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce as you never know what insights they will have with their many connections and relationships with local businesses that could have use for JIM. 

The position of our stand wasn’t bad either as there was plenty of foot traffic to and from the various workshops and networking sessions. This led to some great conversations with employers looking for advice and solutions when it comes to hiring, and as the only employment-based business exhibiting the turn out at are stand was great. 

MicrosoftTeams image 57
IMG 0245 e1701175977610
MicrosoftTeams image 59

Was it successful for JIM?

Absolutely! We had plenty of meaningful conversations, both for JIM and MBH and managed to network with businesses based all around the northwest. Our competition allowed us to increase our followership and send out a follow-up newsletter outlining exactly what we do and how we can be an attribute to so many businesses.  

Honestly, the Expo had plenty of employers and exhibitors that had a general use for JIM and we think it says something about how businesses hire and the frustration that spending large amounts of money to recruiters and job boards, have on businesses.  

Keep a lookout for JIM at more upcoming business/jobs fairs in the future. 

If you are Hiring or looking for work in Greater Manchester why not try JIM – Jobs in Manchester!  

We decided to ask ChatGPT to write an article about us, and this is what ChatGPT delivered


We plan to do this periodically to see how AI / chat GPT sees our business developing, it’s a new perspective that can help us adapt our brand strategy for a changing society.

Why don’t you try it?

Our Input

Please write an article about JIM jobs in Manchester.

ChatGPT's Response

JIM Jobs in Manchester: Navigating Opportunities in the Dynamic Job Market

Manchester, a vibrant and dynamic city in the United Kingdom, is home to a diverse range of industries and a bustling job market. Among the many job opportunities available, JIM jobs have become a notable focus for job seekers and employers alike. JIM, an acronym for “Jobs in Manchester,” represents the myriad employment opportunities that contribute to the city’s economic vitality.

The Manchester Job Landscape

Manchester’s job market has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting the city’s resilience and adaptability. With a rich industrial history, the city has transitioned into a hub for diverse sectors, including finance, technology, healthcare, creative industries, and more. This broad spectrum of industries creates a dynamic job landscape that accommodates various skill sets and career paths.

Key Industries and Sectors:

Technology and Innovation:

Manchester has emerged as a leading tech hub in the UK. The city’s Science and Industry Museum reflects its industrial past, while MediaCityUK showcases its commitment to digital innovation. JIM jobs in technology range from software development and data analysis to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Financial Services:

The city is home to a thriving financial district, attracting global companies and offering opportunities in banking, finance, and accounting. JIM jobs in this sector include roles in investment management, financial analysis, and risk assessment.

Healthcare and Life Sciences:

With world-class medical facilities and research institutions, Manchester’s healthcare sector provides a range of JIM jobs. Opportunities extend from clinical roles to healthcare administration, medical research, and pharmaceutical development.

Creative and Media Industries:

Manchester has a vibrant arts and culture scene, fostering opportunities in design, advertising, journalism, and film production. MediaCityUK, the home of the BBC and other major broadcasters, contributes to the city’s reputation as a creative hub.

Education and Research:

The city boasts several renowned universities and research institutions, creating opportunities in academia, research, and educational administration. JIM jobs in education span teaching, research, and administrative roles.

The Role of JIM in Connecting Job Seekers and Employers:

Jobs in Manchester, often referred to as JIM jobs, are not confined to specific industries but encompass the entire job market in the city. Several platforms and resources facilitate the connection between job seekers and employers. Online job portals, recruitment agencies, and networking events contribute to the accessibility and visibility of JIM jobs.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Manchester’s job market is robust, challenges such as competition and evolving industry demands exist. Job seekers navigating the JIM landscape should prioritise upskilling and staying abreast of industry trends. Networking and leveraging professional platforms like LinkedIn are crucial for making meaningful connections in the city’s competitive job market.

In Summary

JIM jobs in Manchester represent the heartbeat of the city’s economic engine, offering diverse opportunities across sectors. As the job market continues to evolve, job seekers and employers alike are presented with a dynamic landscape filled with challenges and opportunities. By staying informed, adaptable, and connected, individuals can navigate the JIM market successfully, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Manchester’s vibrant and thriving community.

Our Thoughts as JIM

It is interesting for sure. As a disclaimer most of our team are sceptical of the use of Chat GTP in this manner as the data it uses is quite out of date, so  Chat GTP isn’t privy to our recent efforts in bringing JIM back to life in the past few months, but we are always looking at new ways to improve and any insight be it from man or machine intelligence is welcome.

As a perspective on our city’s job market is interesting in its own right and it will be a fun experiment to see what Chat GTP has to say about it in say six months time.

BBC Apprenticeships 2023 and more Manchester Apprenticeship Jobs


Plenty of Apprenticeship Opportunities in Manchester

Over the past few days, we have posted a fair amount of apprenticeship roles in Manchester. A majority are from the BBC with both entry level vocational apprenticeships and higher degree apprenticeships. Both give the opportunity to learn on the job, but the degree apprenticeships are a long term investment in in your career through an academic pursuit.

Degree apprenticeships might not be for everyone but either way these apprenticeship jobs in Manchester are a great opportunity for anyone wanting to break into the respective fields.

Why BBC Apprenticeships ?

The BBC offers internal apprenticeship schemes from level 3-5 for school and college leavers, level 6 degree apprenticeships and level 7 masters degree apprenticeships. They offer these for a variety of jobs and roles across may field such a creative, production, administrative, engineering, IT and managerial/executive roles.

The significance of BBC Jobs in Manchester

As BBC North is based in Media City in Salford it provides the region with around 2,700 jobs as of 2023 and this number seems ever increasing. And earlier in the year we had the privilege to host listings for one of the BBC’s many schemes to help young people get into music and radio based careers. It is schemes like this and their robust apprenticeship programs that create new opportunities for applicants in Manchester.

As we have seen these schemes gain a lot of popularity and usually close early, so it seems there is no shortness of talent and aptitude in Manchester for opportunities like these.

Why choose a BBC Apprenticeship?

A BBC apprenticeship opens doors to a world of unparalleled opportunities in the dynamic realm of media and broadcasting. Unlike conventional educational paths, a BBC apprenticeship offers a unique blend of hands-on experience and invaluable mentorship from industry leaders who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Plus, the perks and benefits included in BBC apprenticeships really show the commitment the company has in applicants development and future.

Perks of BBC Apprenticeships in Salford

  • A salary of £20,000+ (+ living allowance where applicable)
  • A recognised professional qualification
  • A dedicated team manager and scheme specialist to help with your development
  • Professional teaching and mentoring by industry experts
    Industry-leading training through the BBC Academy where relevant
    25 days of annual leave days and bank holidays
    Defined pension scheme
    Discounted dental, health care, gym and much more

Current BBC Apprenticeships on offer

Other Live Manchester Apprenticeship Jobs

It isn’t just the BBC that are looking for apprentices, we currently have live TUI apprenticeships and an apprentice engineer position at Warburtons.

Retail Apprentice, Manchester Fort – TUI
Apprentice Engineer – Warburtons

Here at JIM – Jobs in Manchester we are always looking out to promote great apprenticeship opportunities in Greater Manchester.

It is great to see jobs like these posted on JIM, they are always popular and it’s an opportunity for applicants to get onto a new career path with lasting results.

Popular Job Spotlight – TUI Cabin Crew Jobs in Manchester

Cabin Crew Spotlight

Here at JIM our job is to promote jobs in Manchester, and we see daily the trends with popular jobs, fields, and roles. With this we think it’s only right to promote the success of popular jobs and try to shed some light on why they are sought after.

TUI Cabin Crew Jobs

Earlier in the month we posted one of TUI’s summer Cabin Crew positions in Manchester. We saw a great deal of traffic with many applicants finding our job listing promoted on Google, and it seems like JIM drew a lot of attention from popular searches such as “TUI Jobs Manchester”, “Cabin Crew Jobs Manchester” and “TUI Cabin Crew Careers” as JIM was ranking in the top 3 results on these searches and highly on many more.

But why is this job so popular?

Read more about TUI cabin crew positions and more here!

What are the benefits of a Cabin Crew job?

The obvious attraction for jobs like this is the ability to travel but with the recent increase in popularity of travel and tourism roles surely there’s more to it. Speaking to candidates and Jobseekers we hear more about culture; work life balance and experiences being taken into consideration when it comes to looking for Jobs. Thinking like this the needs align with some of the benefits that come with being in a Cabin Crew role.

5 Cabin Crew Benefits

  1. Travel Opportunities: Cabin crew members have the chance to visit various destinations around the world, often on a regular basis. This provides a unique opportunity to explore different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.
  2. Networking and Cultural Exposure: Interacting with passengers from diverse backgrounds allows cabin crew to develop strong communication and interpersonal skills. This can lead to a broadened cultural understanding and the ability to work effectively with people from all walks of life.
  3. Teamwork and Leadership Skills: Cabin crew are trained to work closely with colleagues in a high-pressure environment. This fosters teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills, as crew members are responsible for the safety and well-being of passengers.
  4. Flexible Work Schedule: Although the work can be demanding, cabin crew often benefit from flexible scheduling. They typically work in shifts, allowing for extended periods off work, which can be used for personal pursuits or additional travel.
  5. Health and Insurance Benefits: Many airlines provide their cabin crew with health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits, which can be valuable for their well-being and financial security.

More Cabin Crew Jobs in Manchester

Unfortunately, the TUI Cabin Crew position in Manchester has expired but as Manchester Airport is such a large provider of jobs in the region there are plenty of other airlines that are based here.  Find a list below of other airlines who are actively looking for Cabin Crew, Flight Attendants, and Air Host/Hostesses.

Jet2 Careers

Virgin Atlantic Careers

Emirates Careers

British Airways Careers

Ryanair Careers

Manchester Airport Jobs Fair

For anyone looking for jobs at Manchester Airport you are in luck. On November the 8th there will be a jobs fair in Wythenshawe exclusively for businesses based at the airport. It is something we a JIM are quite excited about as we are sure there will be plenty of opportunities across a wide selection of fields. We can assume there will be a lot of entry level positions and in house training to grow the airports staff post Covid.

Link to our upcoming Jobs fair Blog

Link toManchester Airport Job Fair

More TUI Jobs Inbound

JIM will continue to post TUI jobs in Manchester as they are posted. We hope to see a continued interest in these positions and a continued interest in JIM as a promoter of jobs in the region.

To keep up to date with the latest jobs from TUI and other positions in Manchester, follow us on socials.

JIM - Jobs in Manchester
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